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After Philosophy

Curiosities (Just a little about general culture, writing and essential tips for whom like eclecticism and likes to exercise curiosity)

Writing (Some tips to write better)
Morse (The Telegraph's Alphabet)

Computer Science (Just a little about Computer Science College, focusing on generic intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence (Nowadays, one of the most interesting, mythic and polemic subject)
Philosophy (Philosophic questions related to the Computer Science)
Numbers (The numbers are so complicated and also they can be mysterious)
Human x Machine (Creation x Creator: Where it can go?)
Performance x Simulation (Simulate or Imitating men does not mean to get the best result)
Frog's Eye (The frog is afraid to be crushed, but is not afraid to be swallowed)
Bio-AI (Who we are? From where we came? Where are we going? What is Intelligence?)

One Picture Thousand Words (The Mini-Earth - Simulating the Earth with only 100 people)

Balance (Who wants everything, lost everything)
Infinite Dream (The Universe is infinite, inside and outside)
Drum Machine (Psychodelic sound, Asian likely)

Brief History of Time (Represented by the "red ball", start questioning humans' society)

Social Prevention (Website contents introduction)

The Spirit Book (Relevant pieces about the Book)

Universal Justice (What is Justice? Conscience matter?)

Letter to the Big White Boss (When the US Government tries to buy indigenous land)
City Tale (Fable about the life inside big clusters of people, and their stress)
Kisses and Hugs (In a world full of masks, even the moste pure feelings are disguised)
Giges' Ring (To think does not mean to do: May be means to do? See the difference)
Living Together (The intelligence is built living in society, we are humans due to we are sociable)
Freedom in Action (In the third Sun's planet, the clear and quite conscience is a primary symptom of animalism)

Get rid of Prejudice (The doubt must be valued, for does the truth indeed exist?)

Get rid of Apocalypse (We are part of Hell, the apocalypse won't be, since we are already on it)

Social Prophecy (Metaphoric prophecy about life outside the physical body)

Apprentice and Adversary (Humility and solidarity lessons are never accepted to most of the people)
Darkness Decision (Even though to destroy, it must have a lot of study and a strong knowledge)
Eternal Life (A summary about spiritual theories and its features)

Social Prophecy (Shortcut to a metaphor about the life outside the physical body)

Educational Recreation (Critical vision about the ways and methods used to teach)

Skills (In times of "education, education and education", they really know what is education?)
Objective Evaluation (Instinct is not a good parameter for evaluating teaching)
Social Learning (The social life brings more benefits or harm?)
Leisure Syndrome (In "Modern Times", screws are that we less need to tight, except those in the head)

Why things have edges? (Conversation between a father and his 8 years old daughter)

Unknown Edges (Special Unknown Edges raising questions still unanswered)

Triumphalism (Science is triumphant while science, but as human tool, inherit all human's limits)
Universe's Origin (Speculations aside, no one knows how, when and where everything started)
Brain (How does work this biological/organic computer?)
Diseases Cure (Is the genetic engineering the way to cure all diseases for self-regeneration?)
Challenge Issues (The limit for humans knowledge begins in curiosity and ends in difficulty)
Wrong Predictions (Possible and Probable. Deny or Doubt was never a good policy. Don't know the answer? So don't give your opinion)
Quick Utopia (No one can analyze a century since being inside it, as a father said to her 8 years old daughter)

BIUCS Project (A science fiction project made by website's author, while he was in his childhood)

About Author (Some explanations and a short biography)

Resume (Some skills from this website's author)

Scientific Initiation (Z80 Computational Environment Simulator Project)

About Vincent (Vincent Liopard. is a BIUCS Project. from USSR)
About BIUCS (The BIUCS Creation: A true history)
Answers (From cocktail conversations to the reasons for this website)
The Triad Of The Time (A poetic reflection about consumerism)
Primitive (Past-Present-Future: Depending from you are looking, it will change your judgment)
Loneliness (Preparation times, growth times and life's invitations to maturity)
Links (Useful shortcuts to some amazing websites on the Web)
4060407 (Personal ICQ Communication Center)

Hidden Shortcuts (The website's hidden shortcuts. Can you find that?)

Curiosities (Without the link above, how to get there?)
Clarifying Note (A letter written in 18th April 1974)
Blue Comments (Separated comments that don't belong directly to this website)
Lost in Limbo (Completely Chaotic)

Oracle (Dry bones, empty bottle, erased)

Light and Shadow (In the darkness, vision is better from the eye side)

The Myth (Mammal's Wings)



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