Dreams - The Weeping Demon

I used to be human. What a world. How stupid!

Long ago this place was a beautiful field of flowers. Then those nuclear bombs, those missiles turned it into this desert. Now because of all that fallout strange flowers grow. Monster dandelions. This is a rose. The stem grows from the flower and a strange bud at the top. This is all radiation polluted. It makes this mutation. The flowers are crippled. Not only flowers. Human beings, too. Look at me. Stupid mankind did this. It made our planet a junkyard for poisonous wastes. Nature has vanished from the earth, the nature we used to enjoy. We've lost the birds, animals, fish. Some time ago I saw a two-faced hare a one-eyed bird and a hairy fish.

There's no food! We feed on ourselves. The weak ones go first. It's about my turn now. Even here, we have grades. One-horn demons like myself always get eaten by those who have two or three horns. Before, they were powerful and pretentious. And now they still throw their weight around as demons. So, let them have their way. Let them have all those horns. So, let them live in torture, looking the way they do. It's hell. Worse than death. They can't die even if they want to. That's their punishment - immortality. Tortured by their sins they must suffer forever.

They'll eat me soon. I'll be released. But I don't want to be eaten. That's why I'm running away. But then I get so hungry that I feel disgusted with myself. I was a farmer when I was a man. I dumped gallons of milk in the river to keep the prices up. I buried potatoes and cabbages with a bulldozer. How stupid!

When night comes those famous demons scream out in pain. Their horns hurt them worse than a cancer. They pray for death, but are condemned to live in pain for eternity.

(Extracted from movie "Dreams" by Akira Kurosawa)

"- The hell of living is not something that will be, if it exists, is one that is already here, the hell in which we live every day, which we formed being together. There are two ways to not suffer. The first is easy for most of people: accept the hell and become part of that until to stop realizing it. The second is risky and requires attention and continuous learning: trying to know and recognize who and what, in the middle of hell, is not hell, and preserve it, and open space."
(Marco Polo)



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