BIUCS Project - CCCP
(Superior Combat Unit Bio-Implant)

The Soviet Military Center for Genetic Research developed an embryo by selecting genes from predator animals using a bio-implant method, creating and purifying the different animals' genes, and clustering the best and main features. The project aimed to develop a soldier with appropriate qualities for unarmed combat in different situations and circumstances.

The best, most dominant and purest  homozygous genes from some mammals were mapped, compared and merged, changing the component sequences of deoxyribonucleic acid of a normal human. The planned result was to obtain an embryo, which as growing in a gestation period of 12 months resulted in a new humanoid specie.

Before starting the project has taken all necessary precautions to prevent failures in the mental creation of the new creature, who surely would have human race's mental abilities. A laboratory was built in a strategic region of Siberia. Equipped with all available technology and numerous teams for mental health, psychological, medical and educational care.

After several failed attempts on 8th August 1971, Sunday, 8:00am was born Vincent Liopard. A child perfectly normal, but different from a common child: Vincent was already semi-independent. In the first week of his life is alread walking and in a few months speeching. He had a superlative faculties brain, ambidextrous and autodidact, was able to read and write in six months. His mental age grew gradually, with seven years was already adult and multilingual. Owner of an amazing ability to memorize, learned and developed the content of several qualified encyclopedias, dictionaries and grammars.

His body had a new anatomy, a semi-cartilaginous skeleton, improved and more resistant organs, special muscles, his nails were sharp claws and portraits such as cats and his mouth had four long canine teeth, symmetrically proportional to their other teeth as in cats. The healing time was reduced by 20% and the charge/hit supported by the skeleton increased by 70% in comparison to an human. His muscles were extremely flexible as well as his bones, and has enormous strength, agility and speed. Eight men was needed to push what Vincent push alone.

Vincent was deprived of interaction with the outside world to not assimilate any culture or prejudice that could affect his training and his psychological wellbeing. Until assuming colonel post, Vincent lived only with the Siberian laboratory team, the best people/scientists/soldiers ever seen. Volunteer professionals rigidly trained by the highest scientific standards and philosophical rational composed the team, for showing to Vincent how was the reality of the outside world, so he does not lose its way when leaving the laboratory.

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