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Are we human or humanitarian?

The past denounces the present

This website was created by a selection of thoughts and philosophies of history stamp, religious and fictional.

"No need to be a philosopher to have ideas. The difference is that the philosopher look for building, through study and reflection, a more or less coherent system of ideas for, from it, interpret and criticize the reality. Most people however, will form their set of ideas without much reflection. This set of ideas gets the name of ideology. We all have our ideology, but in general we do not have awareness of it. We believe that our ideas always reflect the reality. We can not we realize that many of these ideas were put into our heads by family education, school, television, newspapers, fashion, movies and so on."
(Unknown source)

For a better interpretation of the texts presented here, the reader should know the history of socialism, of communism and the Soviet Union, have read "The Dynamics of Mind in a Spirit Vision" from Jose Marques Mosque - Luz no Lar Press, and "O The Spirits' Book" - compiled and ordered by Allan Kardec and psychographed by various mediums - have watched the following movies:

Planet Of The Apes 1968;
Enemy Mine;
The Abyss;
To Sir, With Love;
To Sir, With Love II;
Dreams" by Akira Kurosawa;
Vanila Sky;
The Thirteenth Floor;
The Matrix;
Matrix Reloaded;
Good Will Hunting;
Groundhog Day;
They Live;
Simon Birch;
Canudos War;
Sling Blade;
Liberty Stands Still;
Falling Down.

And having watched the series:

Star Trek, The Next Generation;
Earth - Final Conflict;
The X Files.


"I do not agree with even a word of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say them."

"Many times the silence has a greater impact than what is said."

"The secret to annoy is to say everything."

"The favor gives friends, the truth, hatred."

"The truth is the best camouflage. No one believes her."
(Max Frisch, 1911-1991)

"Our sad season, in which is more difficult to break a prejudice than an atom."
(Einstein, according to Kaplan)

"There are two infinite things... The universe, and men's foolish..."
(Albert Einstein)

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
(Albert Einstein)

"The thought is the infinite presence in the human's mind."
(Emilio Castelat)

"Those whom little think, wrong much."
(Leonardo da Vinci)

"Man is what he believes."
(Anton Tchecóv)

"To much knowledge is aging early."
(Russian proverb)

"Lot of light is like lot of darkness: Don't let you see."
(Carlos Catañeda)

"If you give a man a fish, it may be food once. If you teaching to fish, he sustains all life."

"Never despair yourself in the midst of the darkest anxieties of your life, because of the darkest clouds clear water falls and fruitful."
(Chinese proverb)

"The vitality is revealed not only the ability to persist but also to start all over again."
(Francis Scott Fitzgerald, 1896-1940 - American Writer)

"Each one calls clear the ideas that are in the same confusion degree as their own."

"We can go around the globe, we can come to light, but this society still not found a way for two people living together in harmony for straight seven days without wanting to strangle their selves."
(George Leonard)

"Sometimes a majority simply means that all the fools are on the same side."

"I have to follow them, I am their leader."

"In every discussion there are three points of view: my, your and correct."
(Chinese proverb)

"We want a perfect world, and until it is does not come true, there sing it, to say it, to celebrate it, to write poems and to transfer it to the symbols sphere, because just at the point where there was failure that yields the symbol, witness of things missing, missing things that were not born. "
 (Fernando Henrique Carneiro)

"Learn the true meaning of words."


Just above were introduced some philosophical thoughts to increase the reader's tolerance about the reviews that appear in the following texts.

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Thank you and good entertainment!



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