The Audacity Of Seeing Ahead

The ability to be ahead of its time almost never gives any advantage to its possessor. The hardness of human societies to accept certain concepts belies, often, the popular proverb that says "Among the blinds the one-eyed man is king."

Examples, the history is lavish to presentation us. Socrates was forced by Athenian society, to take hemlock, because of his ideas. Giordanno Bruno, who designed the Earth as a single planet, as we know today, was called heretic and burned.  Darwin discussed against the incomprehension and condemnation of his ideas, later accepted.

Even today, we have examples of similar procedures. Oscar Arias, president of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize, few time ago was still struggled against his country society that insist on obstructing their work. In time: the Oscar Arias merit nor was to be ahead of its time, but simply to analyze the current problems.

This evil will not be healed any time soon. That's because people who can see ahead show to the man what he hates since immemorial times: the need to review their own convictions. While this hatred - or is it fear? - Is not overcome, humanity will continue sending others "Giordanno Bruno" for the embers of misunderstanding and isolation. And ignoring the people of vision, still blind to the future and for itself.

 (Text note 10 - FUVEST) "Author not disclosed"

"There is a time when we must abandon the used clothes, which have the shape of our bodies, and forget our ways, that always leads us to the same places. This is the time for the crossing: and if we do not dare to do it, we have been, forever, on the sidelines of ourselves."
(Professor Fernando Teixeira de Andrade)



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