Universal justice
The compass is broken

There is always a large knowledge manipulation between people and the result is a maladjusted society without path to follow. There is a wave of collective insanity and a population mental disabled, accompanied by an excessive materialism that tries to replace the existential emptiness from our whys that always remain without answers.

Many of the problems started to exist when, by means of science, the man began to examine the nature in isolation, being sliced a huge system in pieces, leaving to observe the harmony of all parts together, fractionation it into several parts. Pseudo-scientists began to treat nature as if the man did not stay there, or had little importance in their development. In 1854 a North American indigenous wrote a letter that illustrates this situation.

The existential emptiness starts from the rejection and isolation, when we lost our social identity, not part of any community. From there starts to a frantic personal attempt to break the bonds of prejudice and rejection, after isolation began to seek answers and reasons. We try to learn as much as possible to achieve a possible scape from prison to break the isolation. In this course, we develop a large and eclectic knowledge of the world in which we live. But get in touch with reality reveals all the manipulation of knowledge among the people: We discovered all those illusions and start to be disappointed, for we found that everything walks in the way of a disorderly manner, very different from the perfect and straight world we imagine as ideal, postulated by the people around us.

Is the logic necessarily obvious? Life follows a course where we do not have all the facts to understand it, this is the principle of all the confusion and conflicts. The "Letter to the Big White Boss" is an example of interaction with nature in a healthy way, but far from our patterns of consumption and material wishes.

The values of solidarity, love and justice were inhibited and the capital has brought the disease through the competition, where some want to be better than the others, showing and imposing its will by force or by the majority, no matter the justice of the acts.

How to rescue some of the crops that we have already forgotten? How to avoid "The City Fable"? The corrupt and ignorant do not care about any argument. They continue polluting and making our life dangerous and full of suffering. The acquisition of conscience is not enough to overcome the barriers of prejudice, arrogance and pride. How to achieve universal justice for violators and innocent?

Vincent is the fiction way to rectify the abuse of power through force. Since having the highest authority of the Soviet military and the planet's most perfect genotype, Liopard. meets all the characteristics necessary to make peaceful justice or to cut the Gordian knot.

Justice needs to earn wings

"The justice consists to respect the rights of each one. Two things determine that: the human law and natural law. Having men made appropriate laws to their customs and their character, those laws stablished rights that could change with advances in knowledge. Look if your current laws, without being perfect, devote the same rights of the Middle Ages. Those antiquated rights, that seems monstrous today, seemed fair and natural that previous time. The right established by men, therefore, is not always in the way to the justice. Moreover, it affects no more than certain social relations only, whereas in private life, there are a multitude of acts which are solely a matter for the court's conscience.

The need for the man, to live in society, causing it to private obligations, and first of all is to respect the right of your similars. Whom respect these rights will always be fair. In your world, where many men do not practice the law of justice, each one use reprisals, and it is what makes disruption and confusion of your society. The social life confers rights and imposes reciprocal obligations."

(Psychographed - The Spirit's Book, Allan Kardec)
Original title: LE LIVRE DES ESPRITS
USKB Edition (1954)



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