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Ignorance is a bless…

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Do we have a deal, Mr. Reagan?

– You know. I know this steak does not exist… I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years you know what I realize? Ohhh… Ignorance is  bliss.

Then we have a deal?

– I don’t want remember nothing. NOTHING! You understand? And I wanna be rich. Someone important. Like an actor.

Whatever you want, Mr. Reagan.

Nós temos um acordo, Sr. Reagan?

– Você entende. Eu sei que este bife não existe… Eu sei que quando eu coloco ele na minha boca, a Matrix diz ao meu cérebro que ele é suculento e delicioso. Depois de nove anos, sabe o que eu descobri? Ohhh… Ignorância é  Felicidade!

Então temos um acordo?

– Eu não quero me lembrar de nada. NADA! Entendeu? E eu quero ser rico. Alguém importante. Tipo um ator.

O que desejar, Sr. Reagan.

No Hunger In The Future

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I know this is all very confuging to you, so I’ll attempt to explain.

You are on the starship USS Enterprise.

– American?

No, it’s a vessel of the United Federation of Planets and Earth is a member.


– Give me a martini straight up with two olives. For the vitamins. I might just get like this place. Let’s see if the Braves are on. How do you cut on this TV.


– Yes, the ‘bube tube’.

I believe he means television sir. That particular form of entertainment not last much beyond the year 2040.

– What do you guys do? I mean, you don’t drink and you ain’t got no TV. It must be kind of boring.

That’s what all this is about. A lot has change in the past 300 years. People are no longer obsessed with the accumulation of things. We’ve eliminated hunger, want, the need for possessions. We grown out of our infancy. Here’s what I propose. You can’t stay on the Enterprise, but I have arranged for us to rendezvous with the USS Charleston bound for Earth. They will deliver you there.

– Then, what will happen to us? There is no trace of my money, my office is gone. What will I do? How will I live?

This is the 24th century. Material needs no longer exist.

– Then what’s the challenge?

The challenge, Mr. Offenhouse, is to improve yourself. To enrich yourself. Enjoy it!

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